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PERT Math Practice Test & Study Guide

These PERT Math Practice Test and PERT Math Study Guide are detailed Math eGuides that contain a total of only 21
pages published in a printable, PDF format.  You can open them or print them right  from your computer.  These
math e-guides will give you exact PERT math questions, simple step-by-step solutions, explanations and solving.
guidelines for achieving your goal on the PERT math section - A HIGH PASSING TEST SCORE!. 
*Note: Passing on the PERT math section means earning a test score in the range 114 - 150.
PERT Math Study Guide - your PERT math companion - with complete solving guidelines and PERT math practice questions
PERT Math Practice Test - your high score PERT math practice - with full-length practice test, complete step-by-step solution guide with explanations and bonus practice questions

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Who Benefits From These Reliable PERT Math E-Guides

Florida High School and College students are who are taking the PERT for the first time or retaking the PERT for a
higher math course placement need these essential PERT Math E-Guides
.  These guides provide a comprehensive
and effective math practice that offers several benefits when you take your test
.  These benefits include:
Knowing and getting the right answers on test day
Achieving a passing test score on PERT math test
Taking less math classes in college or high school

These PERT Math E-Guides Include...

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Full-Length, multiple-choice PERT Math Practice Test
Additional bonus PERT math practice test questions
Guided step-by-step solutions with explanations and tips
Step-by-step guidelines for solving PERT math questions
Over 180 precise PERT math practice questions
Accurate and complete answer keys

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You guys really know the PERT.  I sailed through the math part with ease and scored 123.  Thanks to your
practice packets, your practice questions are on point.     Patrick - Tampa, FL

Your math practice saved me big time, didn't have to take remedial math classes!      Maria - Hialeah, FL

Thank you very much for providing such a detailed math guide;  I am very satisfied that I used your math
guide.  It saved me from taking two math prep classes and over $1000 that I would have paid for these
classes.      Amir - Doral, FL

This math practice is excellent preparation for the PERT test.  Many of the questions on the test were
similar to the ones you provided.  A true practice.     Rayan - Jacksonville, FL

I took the math part of the PERT today and got 123. I couldn't have done it without the help of your
math practice packet. Everybody should use it before taking the PERT, Thanks!    Frantzline - Margate, FL.

I purchased the practice test with solution guide and it was SUPER helpful and most of the questions
came on the actual test. I passed and got a 128. Thank you so much!     Carla - Miami, FL

I am so glad I did this math practice before taking the PERT.  I would have scored 0 if I didn't do
this practice.  I ended up scoring 135 on the math part of the PERT and now I am registering to
take a college algebra math class.  Thanks.     Carlos - Weston, FL

I purchased your College Pert test practice exam and passed the Pert. It not only saved me $400...
By passing it freed up 4 months of academic schedule... It may be the smartest few bucks I ever
spent.  Thank you for your efforts.    Anthony, Freeport, FL

I love your PERT Math Practice Test.  It is the only test I've found that covers most of the topics in 30
questions.  Please make another version of it.  I would most definitely buy it!     Ami - Winter Haven, FL

Your practice test and study guide really helped me prepare for the the p.e.r.t.  I have been out
of school for a few years and this packet really helped me to refresh my math skills and to know.
what is on the test.     Earl - Orlando, FL