PERT Math Practice
PERT Math Practice
PERT Math Practice
PERT Math Practice
PERT Math Test Practice
Dear Students,

Imagine having an amazingly precise math practice that gives you clear explanations and step-by-step solutions for passing
the PERT math test?  Imagine how struggle free and rewarding test day would be for you.  When you see the math questions,
you will know the right answers - and your test score would easily be 123 or higher!  Does this sound like an ideal PERT math.
practice for you - if so, you can get started with your copy of this concise, step-by-step PERT Math Test Practice Guide that is.
guaranteed to take you to a passing score on the PERT Math Test and save you from taking several extra math classes.
PERT Math Test Practice
PERT Math Test Practice
Why did we create this PERT Math Test Practice Guide?

After reviewing PERT math practice tests and study guides offered online, we realized that most of them were either
insufficient, scattered or simply overwhelming.   Therefore, we felt compelled to create a concise PERT math practice
for you that offers the exact types of math questions used on the PERT test.  Thus, we took the 30 PERT math questions,
divided them into 12 simple and easy-to-understand PERT math topics and presented them in a concise guide for you to.
gain the most from your PERT math test practice.

Why should you listen to us?

We are Math Learning Specialists with 30+ years teaching experience.  We have taught and worked with thousands of
students in Florida who earned math scores below the cut-off on the placement test (PERT / CPT).   Our specialty in this
area of PERT math comes directly from teaching over 300 sections of prep math courses.   We also have many years of
expertise  in test development and helping students to be successful in pre-college-level math courses and beyond.
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How do I get started with this superior PERT math test practice?

Simply visit our PERT Math Test Practice page to get your perfect-answer PERT math practice for 100% success on the
PERT math test.
We thank you for taking your time to read this letter and sincerely hope that you use this detailed math practice guide
to learn what you should know for the math section of the PERT test and achieve your high passing score on test day!

Andy Lamb & Jim Brown

Math Learning Specialists
PERT Math Test Practice
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PERT Math Test Practice Guide
PERT Math Test Practice Guide
PERT Math Test Practice Guide
PERT Math Test Practice Guide: Student Review
PERT Math Test Practice
Your math practice gave me 128 on the test.
I am very happy I used  it, it is very good
~ Marlon, West Palm .
PERT Math Practice: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
PERT Math Test Practice Guide
The math subtest of the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT or P.E.R.T.) has 30 multiple choice questions (25 scored
questions and 5 operational, not scored, questions).  These math questions are mainly taken from topics ranging from basic
algebra through intermediate algebra.  The PERT math test is computer adaptive, meaning that the computer program chooses
your next question based on your previous answer.  Students are not allowed to go back after answering a question and cannot
use a calculator for most questions on this test - an on-screen pop-up calculator is made available for a few questions.  Below
are steps you can take to help you with your practice for the PERT Math Test.
PERT Math Test Practice
Improve your multiplication skills - remember no calculators allowed on the PERT.
Improve your arithmetic skills.  Although the PERT Math Test is mainly made up of algebra questions, you'll need
to be solid with your basic skills to do well on the PERT.
Steps To Help With Your
Get to know the PERT Math Test.  If you can identify the exact types of questions used on the PERT you are one
step closer to achieving the score you want (or need) on the PERT Math Test.  See sample questions here.
Practice, practice and practice with the real thing.  The more practice you get with questions that closely
resemble the math test questions on the PERT, the more likely you are to earn a better score.
Learn from your mistakes and focus on areas of weakness.  After completing a practice test, you should spend
about two hours reviewing your answers and going through step-by-step solutions and explanations, especially for.
incorrect and skipped questions, making sure you understand how to correctly solve these questions for test day.
Improve Your Multiplication Skillls
Improve Your Basic Math Skillls
Get To Know The PERT Math Test
Practice, Practice and Practice With The Real Thing
Learn From Your Mistakes and Focus On Areas Of Weakness
PERT Math Practice Test - Sample Questions
PERT Math Test Multiplication Practice
PERT Math Test - Basic Skills Check

PERT Math Test Practice

PERT Math Test


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